Would You Like To Add 12 To 36 New Clients Over The Next 12 Months?

We Would Like To Help You Attract New Clients While Simultaneously Helping Your Current Clients Dramatically Increase Their Revenue and Profits And Let YOU Take All The Credit!

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As a business owner, you have two major objectives. First, help your clients grow and build successful businesses... and second, continuously attract new clients to your business.

We would like to help you with both of those objectives... in exchange for your help with an exclusive new program we're launching around the country.

My company specializes in helping businesses increase their revenue and profits exponentially. In working with hundreds of small business owners, we've discovered 8 areas that are continuously neglected and generally overlooked by most businesses. By applying specific business growth strategies to these 8 areas, we can find more than $100,000 in additional revenue for ANY business... no matter what they do.

And we can find them this additional revenue in less than 45 minutes... guaranteed!

There is absolutely NO charge for us to do this for your clients.

But we do ask for one thing in return for our services. We want to be able to document the actual results we produce for each specific business... and use it as a documented case study moving forward. This allows us to leverage those financial results when speaking with other business owners... and those results will enable us to sign up new clients for our company.

There will be NO sales pitch made during these meetings with your clients, and there is absolutely NOTHING they have to buy.

There are 2 major advantages in this for you:

First, we want you to take the credit for arranging these meetings and subsequent financial breakthroughs.

Second, you may offer this same service as a compelling offer to generate NEW clients for yourself cost-free.

You can contact all of your local small business owners and let them know that you're sponsoring a "local initiative" to help the entire local small business community.

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Call this initiative the $100k Project.

When ANY small business owner agrees to use your services, you will arrange for a top marketing strategist to contact them and find them more than $100,000 in additional annual revenue. Let them know you're covering the entire cost of this program on behalf of the local small business community.

Imagine being able to offer $100,000 of new found profits to local small businesses!

This initiative will skyrocket your lead generation efforts... position your services a no-brainer decision... and generate a ton of free publicity and reciprocity for you and your business.

Your local media will eat this initiative alive with free coverage and publicity.

I hope you will consider working together to help the small business owners in your local community. If you would like to discuss our offer, or simply obtain additional information... just click the button below and we'll schedule a time to speak one-to-one.